Sunday, 28 December 2008

goodbye christmas pud - hello 2009!

The year is inching to a close, and with it, my year of firsts!

2008 brought my first half marathon, first 10k and first sprint triathlon.

My primary goal for 2009 is the London Triathlon - and guess what? I've just entered!!!

That's right! I'm now officially locked into the 2009 London Triathlon! It's all very exciting - this will be my first (and possibly only) attempt at an Olympic Distance Triathlon - as the distances are going to be over double what I've already undertaken in the Sprint.

Looking at the figures, this is what we get;

Sprint Triathlon: 400m swim, 20km bike, 5km run
Olympic Triathlon: 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run

So we can see there are some pretty monumental differences there.

I've stepped up training since my last post and have been active almost every day. On boxing day I took to a very chilly morning and ran along one of my old routes when I was training for the half mara - it brought back memories of when running was actually exciting (OMG I can run 10 miles!!!!!)

In other news I'm heading off today to gather gear for the Mt Kili climb. I love gear shopping, and pretending to know what i'm talking about to all the gear geeks. They always see right through me. I can't even spell carabiner.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

twas the night before christmas (well, almost)

it's christmas time. i've spent the evening scouting for princess related items for a young relative which says princess for her, but is also influenced by my own secret agenda of style/quality/independence/strength/ambition to one day complete triathlon.

i know it's a familiar cry; but it's been a busy month, and has resulted in absolutely no training activity for EIGHT DAYS

shocking, i know. usually this delayed inactivity would have me scratching at the post but i've actually enjoyed the break.

for a few days, at least, and then rectified by two heavy gym days in quick succession. the gym program i worked on with the PT has just hit five weeks, and there's two positives to report:

one being that i can now complete 30 press ups, without inducing coronory.

second being that i can use that hardcore ab looking machine, without looking like a fool. not sure how to describe it, but it's the one you stand up, elbows supported, and then pull your knees to your chest. i've always thought it looks very difficult, and was quite proud when i managed multiple repititions. then a sixty plus year old woman got on it after me and did like forty in a row. damn those fit grannies.

it's only nine weeks until the Mt Kili climb. yikes! i feel starved of oxygen just thinking about it...