Monday, 19 January 2009

first swim of 2009

As the Kili climb is only four weeks away, I thought this the perfect opportunity to get back into the pool. Must say, while my procrastinating abilities are strong, at least I procrastinate effectively.

My aim was to stopwatch myself over 1.5kms - but i hit the 1km mark and got bored. I wasn't pushing myself hard, it was a pretty medium pace...

My time for 1km was 19 mins, 10 secs.

A quick survey of the results for Brighton Olympic Tri 08 means I should be aiming for a total swim time of 23 mins to remain competitive. From today's swim; I'd be hitting 28 mins.

Doesn't sound un-achievable, what's a few minutes here or there (hmmmm!)

Okay, REALLY need to stop procrastinating and get hill running.

(side note: I went for a jog the other night and those hill runs on the treadmill are doing wonders for my general running stamina - I feel much more energetic/quicker on the straight. haven't timed myself, so this could all be in my head, but you know what, maybe that's just as good, if not better)

Monday, 12 January 2009

Running into 2009

welcome to 2009!

i've hit the new year running, quite literally! i've finally developed a winter gym strategy to keep my running moving forward, while not dying of boredom (quite possible!)

my routine entails the following:

15 mins treadmill running doing hills
15 mins cross trainer on hills
15 mins treadmill running on flat, but faster than when on hills

then onto core, abs, arms and push ups.

i'm quite impressed, because by mixing up my machines i'm able to still get a good running based 45 workout, but without the tedious-ness of hanging on the one machine the entire time.

In other news, my 6 day Kili hike is only 6 weeks away. I've cracked out the old hiking boots and gave them a test yesterday. They feel quite comfortable other than the fact they trip me over every now and again. Stupidest design in history (brand: Salomon) Will need to wear either gaiters or thicker walking pants to combat design flaw.

Fitness wise I haven't really changed anything to my routine. The last gym visit I swapped my last 15 minute treadmill run for a maximum steepness walk - does that count as Kili preperation?

I really do need to pull my finger out a little, and will aim for some longer uphill sessions. Just so incredibly boring walking uphill in a gym. Perhaps there are some oversized mountains on London's outskirts? Hmmmmm.....