Thursday, 27 November 2008

climbing africas highest

okay so my once a week blogging tradition hasn't been terribly consistent of late... but it's tough out here in the blogging world. we have responsibilies beyond these pages, and with responsibilities comes winter, and with winter, comes inherent laziness.

well, not laziness as such, but who was i kidding? as if i can train NOW for something that's about 6 MONTHS away????

haven't been stationary of course, am still getting through at least one spinning class, a couple of swims, a run and strength training each week. but it's lacking in goals - and as such, not a great deal to report.

in other news - have just booked a trip for next feb to climb Africa's highest peak; Mt Kilmanjaro. it'll take six days to reach the summit, but there are glaciers there, yes, glaciers! i haven't crossed a glacier off my list yet, so am well pleased. and i'll have six days of going up up up to relish in the pleasure...

so blogging shall continue into 2009, albeit a little slower over the winter months, and will aim for every two weeks instead of the usual every week.

so stay tuned!!!

Monday, 10 November 2008

running in the dark

it's the end of the second week attempting to get back into running and things are a little less painful! horrah!

this week i managed:

25 minute run outside
20 minute treadmill run
2 hour cycle outside
2 x 45 minute gym routines
1 little swim doing speed drills

so my running is still only at twice a week, rather than three times as i've been aiming - but it's still an improvement so i'm happy with that. and therefore, it's time for a new challenge!!

i've decided a new aim for this week's running exercises! i'm going to time myself running to the end of my street, as fast as my little pegs will propell me. it's only 300 metres - a good little starting distance for me to get motivated with.

the aim is that over the next few months, i get faster, and then slowly start to increase the distance. so that within six months, i'm qualifying for London 2012 - hahahaha. okay, kidding, really.

but hopefully will get my pegs used to moving at a rate which is marginally quicker than a four year old toddler.

(btw: i'm not basing these
How To Run Faster techniques on anything remotely educational, just a bit of guess work... will see how she goes!)

Sunday, 2 November 2008

the art of making excuses

so with one sprint distance tri under my belt, the next major goal is the olympic distance triathlon. this one, i do believe, is going to hurt. we're looking at the following distances:

swim: 1500 metres
bike: 40 kms
run: 10 kms

other than this being a helluva distance, i'm also going to have to complete an open water swim in the thames, wearing a wetsuit... here's the map of the 2008 circuit for the London Triathlon:

last week i set some training objectives, which i didn't manage to achieve - big surprise! had a busy week, so will see how i get on in the forthcoming week. what did i get around to doing, then?

1 x 25 minute run outside
1 x 45 cycle outside
2 x strength training gym sessions
1 x 30 minute swim, at a good pace

on the plus, i did have a consult with the personal trainer and have developed a new gym routine based on the objectives of: running faster, strengthening knees and core, and toning upper body. have even incorporated such fun new toys as swiss ball and medicine ball. i'm so easily pleased. really.

on the negative, on friday i pulled a muscle/tendon/something in my foot from wearing inappropriate footwear - which now results in my foot grinding when i move my toes... hmmmm... perfect excuse to hold off on the running the rest of the week! yipppeeeee...

(note: must stop rejoicing in the No Running Excuse)