Sunday, 25 October 2009

shimano vs. effective bricks

this week has been haphazard. i've been working insane hours and as important as training is to me, sometimes you've got to prioritise. here's how training looked this week:

sunday: 1 hour cycle (speed work)
monday: rest
tuesday: rest
weds: rest
thurs: 35 minute run
friday: 20 minute run, 40 minute spin class, 15 minute run
sat: rest
sunday: 30 minute cycle (speed work)

here's some random moments from the week:

1. during timed cycle laps of the park on sunday, i came whizzing up to an ill placed pedestrian crossing literally filled with old people crossing with canes. usually i would stop, i promise, but i was being timed and there was NO WAY i was going to render this lap useless just because of the oldies on the crossing. as i whizzed on through one of them raised their cane and screeched, "you're DANGEROUS." sure, it probably looked that way, but do i need to wear a little shirt saying "I'm getting timed on this so please please move outta my way??"

2. i've ordered my cycling shoes twice and twice i've had emails after the fact saying they're out of stock (despite the website saying otherwise!!) i've finally placed the order at and i've heard nothing yet, so fingers crossed. the shoes which i'm (trying to) get are: the Shimano TR51 Road Triathlon Cycling Shoes and they look like this:
3. i had a major running breakthrough during this weeks brick. more to come in later posts.

looking at my training, i'm still not getting enough bricks in. i really need to focus on this, but i find the logistics of bricks quite difficult. cycle hard for a while, then dump bike somewhere to run? where is my lock; on bike; on place to lock up to? where is a locale good for both running and cycling? so complicated, really.

the run/spin class/run theory is easy but i'm conflicted as to how successful it is, i feel like it doesn't truely replicate the experience of a true bike/run.

but as we're coming into winter, surely this will be the best (only) winter training?

how to others do bricks? i feel i need to be googling for some ideas.

so; it's two weeks until the 10k where i'm hoping to prove that all my ultra painful running work has paid dividends. i've been running pretty consistently but haven't run 10k yet. need to pull my finger out a little here. this week, i promise (!)


Big Daddy Diesel said...

1: the old couple has been alive long enough to know better the look both ways when crossing a road or path

2: love the shoes, and you will love them too..... if they ever get to you

3: depending on your focus, some of the toughest ones are the repeats.
- brick focus: spin 30 minutes, run 2 miles; repeat 3-5 times
- run focus: run 2 miles, then spin 20-30 minutes; repeat 3-5 times.

those are done once a month or so, they are TOUGH and as well very menatlly challenging as well.

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Those shoes look cool!!!

Some of my favorite minibricks in the winter are using my fluid trainer and powercranks. I do short intervals of time on the cranks with running & switch back and forth. Lots of practice!

teacherwoman said...

For bricks, I usually do mine at the gym... with a cycle spin class and then hopping on the treadmill. Otherwise I will do an out and back on the bike from my house and then run after that, so I don't have to worry about where I will put my bike while running.

tri_al said...

BDD those repeats sound killer! ok something to aim for :)

sara i needed to google!! for anyone else who is wondering:

Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck with the shoes!!

And I quoted part of your comment yesterday at the bottom of a quick post this morning!

Beth said...

Super cool looking shoes! I hope you get them soon. In the summer, I set up a transition area in my garage as I can bike and run from my house. I've only done a couple bricks in the winter. I have a treadmill, so I put my bike on a trainer next to the treadmill. I have a Spinerval DVD where you ride for a bit, jump on the treadmill for 4 minutes and repeat several times.