Thursday, 11 March 2010

oi! where have you been?

yes, it's true, i can no longer deny. my blogging has halted, my tweeting has suffered. i've been abandoning my online duties. sniff.

towards the end of last year work kind of exploded, in a good way, and i was struggling to maintain the balance between training hard and working harder. this year, i've just slowly accepted i'm not super woman (gasp).

and so, the result of which, training has reduced from 5 days week to 2 days a week.

it's not ideal for the upcoming tri season, i've got two Olys booked, but triathlon was never introduced into my life as a source of stress, quite the opposite! so i'm doing what i can, and weirdly enjoying myself in the meantime.

i've found that since reducing my workouts, i do actually enjoy them more, because it's my 'away' time from work rather than another kind of job. if that makes sense.

SO this morning i had a pump class, followed by a spin class, followed by a quick swim. next weekend i'm heading out for a two day cycle around Cambridge. we're still in the game kids.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Welcome back

I agree with you, when the schedule gets too busy and workouts suffer, they feel a little extra special when you get back into them

Anonymous said...

yeah...I've been in the weeds like that over the last 3 weeks....and its tuff to keep everything rolling. I find that, in those times, my workouts take on an even greater importance....Rock on!

teacherwoman said...

I was starting to wonder where you were! nice workout and enjoy your two day ride! Sounds like fun!

Beth said...

Glad you are still there and doing well. This is the perfect time of year to cut back a little and gather strength and enthusiasm for the season.