Sunday, 2 November 2008

the art of making excuses

so with one sprint distance tri under my belt, the next major goal is the olympic distance triathlon. this one, i do believe, is going to hurt. we're looking at the following distances:

swim: 1500 metres
bike: 40 kms
run: 10 kms

other than this being a helluva distance, i'm also going to have to complete an open water swim in the thames, wearing a wetsuit... here's the map of the 2008 circuit for the London Triathlon:

last week i set some training objectives, which i didn't manage to achieve - big surprise! had a busy week, so will see how i get on in the forthcoming week. what did i get around to doing, then?

1 x 25 minute run outside
1 x 45 cycle outside
2 x strength training gym sessions
1 x 30 minute swim, at a good pace

on the plus, i did have a consult with the personal trainer and have developed a new gym routine based on the objectives of: running faster, strengthening knees and core, and toning upper body. have even incorporated such fun new toys as swiss ball and medicine ball. i'm so easily pleased. really.

on the negative, on friday i pulled a muscle/tendon/something in my foot from wearing inappropriate footwear - which now results in my foot grinding when i move my toes... hmmmm... perfect excuse to hold off on the running the rest of the week! yipppeeeee...

(note: must stop rejoicing in the No Running Excuse)

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