Monday, 19 January 2009

first swim of 2009

As the Kili climb is only four weeks away, I thought this the perfect opportunity to get back into the pool. Must say, while my procrastinating abilities are strong, at least I procrastinate effectively.

My aim was to stopwatch myself over 1.5kms - but i hit the 1km mark and got bored. I wasn't pushing myself hard, it was a pretty medium pace...

My time for 1km was 19 mins, 10 secs.

A quick survey of the results for Brighton Olympic Tri 08 means I should be aiming for a total swim time of 23 mins to remain competitive. From today's swim; I'd be hitting 28 mins.

Doesn't sound un-achievable, what's a few minutes here or there (hmmmm!)

Okay, REALLY need to stop procrastinating and get hill running.

(side note: I went for a jog the other night and those hill runs on the treadmill are doing wonders for my general running stamina - I feel much more energetic/quicker on the straight. haven't timed myself, so this could all be in my head, but you know what, maybe that's just as good, if not better)

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