Sunday, 30 August 2009

running american style

hello america! this week has seen me running in miami and north florida, and as such; i’ve gathered some running reflections from the week.

lucky you! here she is;

1. stupidly fit attractive runners always catch me during the walk bit of my intervals. never during the sprint bits. damnit.

2. running in humidity is like trying to ride your bike through mud. while towing a car. full of rocks.

3. 100% of fellow runners this week have been very friendly, with 86% giving variations on ‘hello.’ remaining 14% have been dodgy leering men (counts?)

4. i’ve re-discovered one of the joys of running. when traveling, hitting the pavement allows you to use all your senses, and view your surrounds in a completely different light. it also gives you confidence to explore areas which perhaps, given the slow pace of walking, you would have talked yourself out of exploring. some of the most distinct memories of cities i’ve had were founded on a run.

5. i have a serious aversion to going backwards. 4km run yesterday turned into 9kms as a result of a wrong turn. turning around just is not an option, even when 9kms in 29 degrees isn’t either.

6. i like to overtake. i’d mapped out a lovely running route the other morning but when another runner passed me while i warmed up, i thought; she looks like she’s going my old pace. i couldn’t resist, and ended up running in the opposite direction for far too long, just to satisfy that moment of overtaking.

i’ve now officially overtaken 4 people when running.

8. if i’m being totally honest, one of those was stationary.

so what have i got up to this week? (have borrowed mon from last weeks totals, i screwed up the system)

mon> 20 min run, bike weights, 20 min swim drills (timed 400m: 7.53: slow!!!)

tues> rest

wed> 3.5k run (medium pace)

thur> 3k run (medium pace), 10 min swim

fri> rest

sat> 9k run speed intervals; easy run 1km, sprint/active recovery, then sprint/walk, then easy run 2km

sun> 3.5k run speed intervals; easy run 1km, fast high knees/active recovery, then sprint/active recovery

being on holidays, i’m pretty restricted to running for the next week as well; which is really quite a good thing. it’s my ongoing mantra; *running*needs*to*improve*

the sprint work is definitely more taxing on my body, and i still haven’t shaken the pain in my lower left hip which occurred during London Tri and reappears after about minute 10 of a run. but i’m not going to write about my injuries, as i’m trying to stay positive + look forward. that’s not to say i’m not trying to get it sorted, but as yet it’s not hindering my journey onwards, so until it does, i’m administering self silence!

next week’s totals will be running focused also. hopefully less leery men statistics this time around :)


Paul Carter said...

Oh my, you've overtaken 3 people who were actually running??? You might at some point need to assess the "waddling" level you gauge yourself at!


Thanks for stopping by.

Last year when I did IMAZ, I didn't train over 300 hours for the year (less than 1 hr per day, therefore the ONEHOURIRONMAN). At a Halloween party last year, I talked the host (Arnie) into doing IMFL with me this year on the promise that it would be less than 1 hr per day average. Being OCD type A personality that he is, he took me up on it. My training method focuses on the bike with one ride per week, starting at 20 miles in the first month and adding 10 miles every month there after peaking at 100. You have to be able to swim. Wwimming and running account for only 3 more workouts per week on average.
After IMFL in November I will be posting a YouTube on the whole crazy idea and ONEHOURIRONMAN (the book) should be out in December or January. Many people burn out on IM race and the training. My theory is it is a life style that can be molded into every day life and celebrated yearly.

Good luck with your tri adventures!

Greg said...

Welcome to the states! Florida is definitely muggy this time of year, but it's amazing to train there in March when it's still colder to the north. :)

I stumbled across your blog through some other blogs and enjoy reading about your journeys. Isn't it amazing how many things you keep track of when you're exercising around a city? I love it!

You may want to check out this site about mapping your runs. Adds another level of entertainment to running. I haven't tried it yet, but I intend to.

Keeping working on the run! I hate it too!

al said...

> hey greg cheers for the comment. checked out the link; brilliant! totally love the concept of GPS art, why not create runs based on shapes?? i've been using for a while, but only post run to record my distance.

>onehourironman; very interesting! never considered that ironman training could be reduced to one hour a day, which seems very manageable. assuming this hour would increase though closer to the event, as you eventually get to 100miles? and bricks??

>paul; i promise when i sub 50min on a 10k, i'll re-assess the waddle. but until then, waddle it is!

Jessica said...

So far, my individual times have been:
40 minute swim
2:30-2:45 bike
1:25-1:30 run
I'm expecting anywhere between 4.5 to 5 hours.

What do you think?