Saturday, 1 August 2009

The Night Before London Triathlon *insert scream here*

not sure if i'm really believing it's the night before my debut at the London Triathlon! there's one sound to describe how i'm feeling, and it's somewhere between a scream and joyful cry and a squeak.

someone asked me today how much i've trained (average 6 days a week) for how long (about 4 months). i was even impressing myself by the sounds of that.

so today i went down to check out the action (the tri runs over two days; tomorrow are the olympic distances/elites and today was the sprints). two mates were competing and firstly a *massive* *big* *fat* *congratulations* to both steve + will for competing in their first ever tri, both doing super well, with no mishaps, looking very cool/calm/collected with a bit of hardcore thrown in for good measure.

here's a couple of highlights!

the start of steve's wave. i couldn't find him but he's in there somewhere!

here's steve entering T2; he stopped and did a little fancy pose but my stupid camera was all blurry. sorry steve, wasted seconds for nothing! but i did get this one, with a little wave. hello!

as steve heads off to run, Will comes tearing through the finish line! and gets hungry enough to chew on some metal. hmmmmmm.... metal....

and not long after, steve comes roaring through; yippppeeee! both did super well and without incident + with smile. that's damn good going :)

during a post race beer, steve collected his bike from transition and i marvelled at his very simple, yet very effective approach to triathlons!

here's steve getting very excited over his rubber bands holding his pump + a tyre lever onto his bike

but Steve, i said, why do you have a bike pump + lever when you don't have any tubes? he cast me a knowing look, and gestured to the back of his bike. low and behold -->

loves it! and, to top it all off, who needs fancy water bottles when there's evian around?

after spending months dribbling excessively in Tri shops, it's nice to have a reminder that it doesn't take much at all to compete in these events. just a bike, some goggles, and the right attitude :)

SO tomorrow kids; this is it! race report will be delivered, hopefully with some good news! cross your fingers, then cross them again *insert scream here*


nessyt said...

Sorry thought you were racing today, GOOD LUCK but im sure you wont need it. Look forward to hearing all about it!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming to support us Al!

Congrats again on today, you kicked butt!