Sunday, 13 September 2009

dodging bullets while running

i’m in santorini, one of the greek islands, and it’s stunning.

i awoke this morning pre-dawn, and waited for the sun to rise for a run. here’s my running shoes saying hello to the sunrise.

(and yes, that’s the view from our suite!)

as i was putting my shoes on, i could hear loud banging pops. sounded vaguely like gunfire, but this is paradise. more likely to be some old greek lady’s rustic wood fire oven backfiring.

so i headed out, destination; the lighthouse on the end of the island.

everything was going well, knee a little sore but hey, she’ll work her way out. as i continued, however, i noticed those bangs were getting louder. and louder.

then, to my right, i notice a guy wearing camouflage crouching by the side of the road, surrounded by vine leaves. and a dog. and a gun. a really big gun. which he then fires.

i’m feeling a little nervous by my proximity to the gunfire, but i can see him, he’s now seen me, and that’s okay.

so i continue to the lighthouse. i pass the chickens. i turn around, back towards breakfast.

then, as i’m passing the same spot where previous gunman was, i notice that on the other side of the road, there’s another one. and then i really start looking around into the surrounding hills and notice there’s a whole bunch of men with stupidly big guns. shooting them, with relative consistency.

i’m freaking out a little bit. okay, i’m freaking out enough to stop running. i figure my little head bobbing up along the road could resemble a deer (are they even shooting deer?) one of the hunters dogs starts running after me. i beeline towards a scalable wall and he calls him back. phew.

one of the hunters crosses the road and gets into a jeep in front of me, his shotgun slung over his shoulder. and i think, i’m a little vulnerable right now. so i keep walking, but no deer-like-running.

finally i pass all visible shooters, and off i go again. i get back, breakfast is being served, and i feel like i’m a long way from the serenity of the picture i took during sunrise. but i’m seconding a notion i’ve stated here previously; running when traveling really does give you a different view on things. even when it does involve shotguns :)

before i run off; here's my totals for this week;

monday; 1hr cycling timed sprints, 30 minute swim
tuesday; 20 minute swim
wedsneday; 2 x 18 minute cycles, 30 minute swim
thursday; 20 minute bike weights routine, 20 minute swim
friday; rest
saturday; 30 minute hilly run (sprint/walk)
sunday; 15 minute swim, incl. 350 metre open water swim

2 weeks until Hever Sprint Triathlon!


Trishie said...

enjoy your trip ! AND BE SAFE !!

Jenna said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. Funny you stumbled there on a day when it was not all that triathlon focused - which is quite often - Good luck to you in your year of training and racing!! Oh, and that is quite the run you had - all them guns and I would have been making lots of human noises as well. :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Ok, thats just crazy, I would have PR'd back to the hotel room that day.

Beth said...

I'm enjoying reading your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine. What were those men shooting at? It's funny that you are writing about this because I was open water swimming on Monday and there was an occassional gunshot. It freaked me out too as my head was the only body part above the water and rather vulnerable! I'll keep stopping in and good luck with your training.

tri_al said...

gunshots while swimming?! when did training get so dangerous????

they were shooting for a bird, some local delicacy of sorts. thankfully not deer, or my bobbing head :)

Danielle said...

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