Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Inspirational Goodies + Hever time projections

two thoughts.

one. sometimes i buy a tri/running/cycling magazine and read it. some of the info i have already devoured from my slight addiction to tri websites + blogs. some of it is new. i've decided that every now + again i'm going to post the most interesting points from the magazine, to save you from buying it + thus share the goods, so to speak.

while in the states i picked up Runners World (august). they had a weird article on sarah palin, with some very posey pictures. here's one;

but beside sarah's faux stretching, here's the top tips from across the pond;

“if you’re... trying to get to the next level, surround yourself with people who keep you motivated and energized - people who inspire you to achieve your best every day. when you do this, you can’t lose.”

(anthony famiglietti, olympian)

“advice from the worlds best runners;

don’t obsess.

it’s inevitable that things will nag at you, but it’s pointless to obsess about minor pain. my philosophy; if i’m not limping, i don’t worry about it.”

(tim nelson, cross country u.s. champion)

“destination races give you a reason to travel; and months of motivation.

find someplace you’ve always wanted to go and see when they have a race you’re interested in. italy, france, timbuktu or cleveland. once you have that goal, every mile of training will take you just a little closer to it. every step shortens the distance between you and your dream.”

(john bingham)

two. less than three weeks until Hever Sprint Triathlon. it's time for those projections.


haven’t managed to drop my sprint times yet. something to work on.

distance; 400m open water

estimated time; 7 minutes 45 seconds

ideal time; sub 7 minutes 30 seconds


have just got my bike computer, so still coming to terms with my average times. but here’s a stab.

distance; 20kms

estimated time; 40 minutes?

ideal time; sub 38 minutes?


bit of a wild card. based on london tri i’ve got an estimated time but that pace was a pretty considerable PB. not sure if i can trump it again. feeling good, but who knows?

distance; 4kms

estimated time; 21 minutes

ideal time; sub 20 minutes

estimated total time, minus transitions; 1 hr 9 minutes

estimated total time, with transitions; 1 hr, 13 minutes

oh-my-god-can’t-believe-i-did-that-time, with transitions; 1 hr 8 minutes

and weirdly, i'm not feeling those pangs of nervous anticipation. before London i had 204 questions/concerns/anxieties but this time around, i'm just ready to get on with it. nice feeling, hello, please don't abandon me :)


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Hever cycle course. Annoyingly Hilly.

tri_al said...


i'm hearing varied reports, some say hilly, some say flat?!

Anonymous said...

Well I have cycled the route on my fat mountain bike and it is pretty damn hilly. I struggled to do it in 45 mins. See what I can do on Sunday. My first tri. I wish I had a racer bike!!