Saturday, 21 November 2009

the chick hit (and other cycling observations)

1. definition of 'chick hit': the moment of a female cyclist overtaking a male cyclist. female cyclist is chuffed, male cyclist is most certainly not.

2. please do not look angry at me for being on bicycle just because you are in a car and i exist.

3. don't give me sympathetic looks when it's raining. i WANT to be here (and my gear is waterproof and i'm actually pretty damn cozy)

4. don't grab your small children like i'm going to run them over, particularly if i'm making eye contact with you. on the other hand, please do grab your old folk, because i will run them over. (kidding. a bit)

5. my tyres are like an inch wide, so if i see something on the road, i'll probably avoid it. this change of direction means do NOT drive your car 30cms from me. and don't think i'm a shit cyclist because i've swerved a bit. be careful; inner cyclist demon exists and can be released.

6. stopping for pedestrians waiting to cross the road scores us Cyclist Brownie Points. we need these, because soon, those pedestrians will get into their cars, and we want to live.

7. back to the chick hit. as a female cyclist, this feels so damn good i can't begin to describe it without sounding a bit weird.

8. if i'm changing a flat, feel free to ask me if i require help. but do NOT precede this with, "Hey beautiful."

9. why does walking in cycling shoes make you look like a) a courier b) you have toilet problems

10. if you're on a shitty bike, or a brompton, don't try and race me at the traffic lights. get a life, and a race number, and let's do this properly.

tomorrow is my first duathlon. 2m run, 10m cycle, 2m run. the competition, unlike triathlons, looks much more intense, so i'll be super lucky to hit middle of the pack. more likely; last quarter. but this is experience for me, nothing else. oh, and another attempt at overtaking a few of the boys :) race report pending!


Jeremy Hopwood said...

awesome post.

Re 3 - Based on weather in Van this week not really sure I wanted to be there..... looks I got were not sympathetic but more WTF are you doing

Re 6 - Good Call

Re 1 and 7 - I need a term for what it feels like when you pass a group ride riding solo. extra points if you pass a roadie pace line on your tri bike (They do not like that)

10 - Have been known to race people when I am on my 35 pound commuter and they are on their carbon race bikes that look like they never really get used.

Rawk the DU

Colleen said...

I never knew it was called "chick hit" but boy do I love it too! It's even better when you pass a guy and you're pulling a bike trailer! :)

Good luck at the DU today!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

1 I admit, its happen to me, had to goto therapy, I still have my bike, to ride another day.

1a and I can not confirm nor deny once that it might of happen with a chick on her hyrbrid and me on my roadie. ok i already said too much. zipping lip.

4 - grab your dang kids, you will notice I DID SLOW DOWN, because I am more scared of your darn kids walking in front of me because you cant control them

4a dont stare me down because your kids walked in front of my bike, bad parenting is not my fault

4b and say your flipping SORRY when your kids does dart in front of my bike, your flippin lucky my bike skills are sharp enough that I stopped on a dime, stop being so flippin rude

6 yes we all want to live

11 this is the best post I have read all week, thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

getting "chicked" IS pretty funny.

Great post...good luck with your duathlon.