Sunday, 8 November 2009

running a 10k like a speedy duck waddling

this is a story of progress. it doesn't have an end, but it does have a beginning. and that's where we will start.

me. a few years ago. unable to run 50 metres.

then (a lot of blisters later), a slightly ambitious half marathon. i run it for the better half, then walk. finish with a totally unrespectable time of around 2 hours 33 mins.

next; 10k run. unlike half mara, am determined not to walk. succeed. 1 hour 3 minutes.

fast forward to the next 10k run. need to check what time i'll get for the olympic triathlon and hope to sub an hour. succeed. cross the line around 58 mins.

then, today. hello 10k run. hoping that all this damn running training is paying off, hoping to get anything lower than last race, succeed.

cross the line at around 54 mins (official time pending).

so this story has no definitive ending because it's a journey, of how someone can progress from being a total non running waddler into someone who still waddles, but now waddles with speed. i'm sure you didn't think that was possible, but it is. a speedy waddler. oh yes. that's me. used to be a duck just hanging out, now i'm a duck about to take off. hot.

in one year, i've knocked nine minutes off my 10k time. i've improved by over 10% in twelve months. incredible!

and yes, i've got a long way to go to reach my goals. yes, i will almost certainly never get my running to a point it's even marginally competitive, but you know what; who cares. i'm getting better.

i've worked hard for every one of those minutes, and i guess my point here is that improvements happen.

train hard, no matter how much you waddle, and it's inevitable.


teacherwoman said...

Way to go on the 10K!

Paul said...

You can succeed in anything if you want it enough. Looking forward to another 10% in 12 months :-)

Beth said...

You are doing so great! All of your hard work is really paying off. Congrats on the PR!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats, your a rockstar

Colleen said...

Great job! You're giving me hope. :) I'm working on getting faster this winter too. I'll be doing a 5k next weekend to see how fast I can do it. Hope all my speed work as paid off as well!