Wednesday, 17 September 2008

the giant has arrived!

big news - the bike has arrived! what's the bike goss, you ask? here she is:

1. she is blue

2. she is a giant (not in size, but in label)

3. she visited the bike shop twice today for alterations

4. i have not fallen off (yet)

in other very exciting news, a visit to the tri shop this afternoon led to two terrific purchases. firstly - a tri suit! what the hell is that, perhaps you're asking - well here's a handy picture of the very one i did purchase (though i didn't opt for the pink colour....)

rest assured ladies, there leaves nothing to the imagination in one of these little numbers! but i'm hoping that by moving with speed, i'll be applying a motion blur to myself, and nobody will see anything but a few blurry pixels.

my second purchase at the tri shop was a bike helmet. firstly, i refused to buy into one of those alien ones - then the dude at the shop told me the one i was buying (an old school skating type helmet) wasn't good for tri's and i told him that, not being an alien, or wanting to look like an alien, i would not be investing in the alien helmet. so now i'll look very softcore at the race, but at least i won't look like i have a second head under my arm pit (typical alien feature)

haven't been training, too busy buying stuff. big bike ride tomorrow - and my first major 'brick' (a cycle followed by a run). here's to good times ahead!


Richm said...

Congrats on the new addition to your family. Look after her in that big bad London! First time I 'did a brick' I got really bad cramp in my calves (insert double entendre here). Got round this by doing calf stretches whilst on the bike in the last few hundred metres. Don't forget to get a number belt.

BobTries said...

I hope you enjoy the thrills of road biking. Second rich's comments on bricks and double his comment on number belts - I'm getting a second for my next tri as it was flapping around all over the place with just one.

al said...

ok, am googling number belt now. will be my next week 'weekly tri' purchase :)

Anonymous said...

a particularly attractive neckline on the tri suit for post-tri erotic occasions .....