Saturday, 20 September 2008

week two: television vs. training

so - three new purchases, how did they fare?

1. the new bike: is so fast i have to brake on straight stretches of road. hills are an absolute push over. hoping that my fear of speed and being squashed will be over-ridden by my competitive nature on race day (only two weeks away).

2. the new tri suit: has been bike tested (uber comfy, has padding and everything) and run tested (holds everything in place, nice). have already managed to damage it a bit. brill.

3. the new bike helmet: is sitting in the same place i threw it when i got home from the shop.

i tried to manage a brick session on thursday but failed - i just couldn't manage 1 hour of intense cycling - not due to my lacking ability, but because of the surrounding roads. figure there's not a lot of point in bricking unless i get my cycling intensity up for long enough....?

anyway, my lame brick attempt involved cycling for an hour and a half, then coming home and watching an episode of Project Runway Australia (got to love it) - then heading out for a fast-ish 11 minute run.

my legs afterwards were pretty high on the sore scale - which goes to say what they're going to be like when i actually do it for real, without a reality show to break things up.

tomorrow am going to head out to richmond park - london's biggest green space - see pic above or-

brilliant cycle paths, so should be able to pick up some speed (without fear of being squashed by cars) and then can follow with a painful, joyless run.

i'm loving the painful joyless runs


BobTries said...

I reckon anything which registers high on the soreness scale has got to be doing some good. I had similar lack-of-biking-intensity probs for my brick sessions. Your plan of finding a clean run at it sounds good. I'mm trying 'gym-bricks' 15mins hard exercise-biking followed by 5mins treaddie, repeated...not very exciting but has replicated infamous jelly-legs somewhat.

al said...

ha- this is what i've been doing too! and yes, you're spot on about the low point scoring on the Fun Scale - but i suppose anything that does induce sore-ness must be effective. does that mean you're still training post-race?