Wednesday, 24 September 2008

al: trainer of mice triathletes

three announcements:

1. thought we had a mouse in the house, ended up being a false alarm. sorry, not tri related, but if i trained the mouse to run, swim and cycle - that would be a different story, right??

2. am starting to look forward to race. big news. not sure i've experienced this sensation yet, usually have thought about race with mixed feelings of dread and competitive spirit. now feeling like there isn't much more i can do to get faster/better so am now actually looking forward to it.

compare this feeling to not having studied very much for exam at school, the calm that washes over when you walk into the exam hall, knowing it's too late now.

3. am ready to love new bike, but alas, she is not ready to love me. my trip to richmond park on the weekend wasn't quite as effective for a multitude of reasons, one being her seemingly ineffective gears.

took it back to bike shop - he tells me there is nothing wrong with the gears. again. i'm just not convinced.

went for another ride this morning, to make sure it wasn't my sanity wavering - but the gears just aren't as good as my Ye Olde Ruste Mountain Bike - and how is that possible??

i want to change gears, for her to find that gear, straight away, no questions asked - but she doesn't respond like such, but rather hangs out, has a cup of tea, with a lot of clunking about, then slips into gear.

off to another bike shop today, hoping for some answers.


Anonymous said...

stretched cables - it happens with all new bikes ... learn to work with what you've got, not how you think it SHOULD be....

al said...

misterlovebrett - yes i do very much agree with you, but this little baby was second hand, and yesterday her chain fell off twice due to an inability to cope with changing gears on a rather slight hill. but after said incident, i did take your thoughts on board, and bonded with her imperfections. after all, i'm hardly perfect myself