Wednesday, 8 October 2008

the aftermath

three days later and am starting to loose the buzz - already been having a look at the next event!

was surprisingly not sore after the race - which really proves how much more i could have pushed on the bike leg. the official event pictures have been posted online, and there's one of me on the bike- in the closer one you can even see the rain drops.

they do charge for the copies, but being a bit of digital geek - i just bring the pic up on my screen, hit the Print Screen button, and do a little cropping in photoshop. it does mean i am contending with a watermark, but it does the trick.

so - next event - london triathlon is in August 09 (and costs £70 to enter!!) so will definitely have to fit in another event before then to keep on top of things. not sure which one, maybe one for May or June?

i have two cycling trips planned this month, one in berlin and another in france - so that will keep me busy in the meantime.
also need to find a running club in north london to get my running up to speed. possibly enter a few early next season 5 and 10 kms too.

but this week - i'm not moving a muscle!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cycling in the rain, just cycling in the rain. What else would you expect apart from a watermark.

That really looks like a serious triathelete on the magical bike.

Cannot believe you are already thinking about the next event. I would still be shattered from the last one. I dont go that far on holidays.
Keep up the excellent work,
The Mum and the Dad.