Wednesday, 15 October 2008

on the road german style

two days. two bikes.

cycling from berlin to poland

germany is top notch for cycling. really. england could learn a few things. our ‘cycle’ map took us along a succession of purpose built cycle only paths – through beautiful forests, along rivers, through towns. Often the cycle path was in better condition than the actual road.

our trip didn’t start well, and we cycled in the wrong direction for 45 minutes. whoops. not one to turn around, we re-evaluated the route and continued.

unfortunately, I didn’t have my trusty speedy racer. unable to deal with the hassle of taking it on the plane, I borrowed my friend’s putt putt bike. I thought it would be okay, but every slight incline was painful. I felt like I was in an episode of antiques roadshow. the bike was old, heavy, three gears, small frame. I tried to grin and bear it – but it’s like going from first class back to economy. the next trip, I’m finding a way to get my racer on the bloody plane.

making it to poland was great – we didn’t take our passports and glided past the border without incident. coming back was a little trickier – as we were on the train – and there were some hairy moments as the police went through the carriage checking passports (but stopping short of us for some reason!!)

I’ve learnt a few things this trip.

1. do not return to the ye olde crappe bikey. ever.

2. cycling in autumn is brilliant!!

3. take passport when crossing borders

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