Friday, 3 October 2008

the (almost) last supper

so it's the friday, before the saturday, before the sunday of the EVENT. i'm using capitals liberally now.

this week has been slow on the training front, winding down to preserve some energy for Sunday. what exactly happened?

TUES: did manage my first spin class in a year. was expecting to fall off stationary bike from the pain - but actually survived pretty well. wasn't even terribly sore the day after. am hoping this translates into a Not Too Bad Cycle Time...

WED: 20 minute run, didn't feel too bad running at my usual pace

and that's been it.

so, has it been enough, am i going to enjoy it, will i fall off my bike, will i come last, will i even finish??

all this and more, on the next installment; the RESULT!!

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stomach bearing beach running buddy said...

Eh? Eh? Eh? Need the word!!