Wednesday, 4 February 2009

running with the horses; moroccan style

training took a different turn this week: as i've spent the last week in morocco. i went prepared, and packed my running gear, and what's more - i even used it!

during the week i managed two morning runs, 15 minutes a pop, and an extra bonus - a slightly unexpected run - of about 20 minutes... with horses...

allow me to explain

we decided to partake in an afternoon of horse riding, during which my spirited horse decided to attack another horse - mid gallop. now my nerves while riding are limited at best, but this almost threw me and my nerves were shot. i jumped off the horse and declared i would walk.

unfortunately this made travel rather slow, and, so i thought - why not use the opportunity to take a run? off i went, running with the horses, along the beach. lovely!

in other news- i've joined the local womens running club - will run with them again this sunday. hopefully a little faster than last time! it's hard to run and chat with the ladies.

and now only two weeks until i leave for Kili!!!! time to get those boots on


Anonymous said...

how is training in the snow going and
have you been doing the up hill training three times a week?
only two weeks to go...will horses be able to take you up, if you (god forbid) have to stop?

al said...

snow training was down to a minimum - more like me slipping over in flats than braving it with my hiking boots!

i've kept up the hill training, though not for as long as i should be. i tried getting on the stepper the other day but felt completely stupid. stepping indoors going nowhere in a gym???