Sunday, 15 February 2009

Cheryl Cole and a 40% success rate

FOUR days until Kilimanjaro! Here's four interesting points about Kili:

1. Mount Kilimanjaro is situated entirely within the borders of Tanzania, although it is situated close to the border of Kenya.

2. It is the tallest mountain in Africa

3. Around 15,000 people per year attempt to summit the top.

4. We will be aiming for a five/six day ascent, which is commonly considered 'too fast' - therefore resulting in a 40% success rate of reaching the summit.

And here's four interesting points about my journey:

1. I will be climbing with Lisa. We decided to do this while sitting on a grassy patch on the coast of Spain.

2. I am typing this entry in bed, with a cold.

3. I have worn my new hiking boots four times, averaging thirty minutes per wear

4. We will be ascending around the time of the UK's Radio One Comic Relief trip to Kili. I secretly hope to bump into Cheryl Cole, and will be dressing for the occasion should it eventuate.

She may not be impressed.


Lisa said...

We'll stay warm, hydrated, pumped, and we're going to do it. Yep yep. :-)

al said...

shit: went for hill session today in new boots. had a blister on each foot after 20 mins. not good. am going to bringing the compeed methinks

Anonymous said...

yo...are we in for more bad foot stories.....take heaps of cotton wool. better still, how about ant

Anonymous said...

what is campeed? when are we going to see report on the trip?