Sunday, 8 March 2009

Kilimanjaro Trip Report: Day 1

day one: 6 hours walking through the rainforest.

Blister appears within 1 hour of walking. Thank god for the compeeds (

We arrive to camp, where I tend to my blisters. I strap my feet with a combination of compeed, stretch tape and bandage - which stays strong until the end of the hike.

The rainforest was beautiful, a lovely offset to the six hour inclination. There are six within our group, including three competitive boys who love racing ahead. We anticipate this will cause future problems, and are correct in our assumptions. Tonight I enjoy my first night with the new sleeping bag; which is a treat, particularly as we're still at relatively low altitude so can actually sleep. Bonus!

Tough Factor: 8/10

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Anonymous said...

looks like i am the first in the comment department on the kilimanjaro trip the first of many reports... reading them is just like going there in person..