Sunday, 8 March 2009

Kilimanjaro Trip Report: Day 2

day two: five hours up
we awoke to hot tea, warm water (which we used for a face wash - albeit the last time we used our morning hot water, as it got colder the water would cool within minutes...)
three hours straight up, steep as you like. we went slowly, and stopped for lunch (carrot sandwhich, muffin, banana which had seen better days, juice, boiled egg). Lisa and i don't eat much bread, particularly carrot sandiches (?!) - so she munches on a large supply of nut bars and I choke down the bread, thinking about energy. as the days progress, i get crafty, and swap my sandwich/muffin for boiled eggs with the boys.
we scramble over rocks for another few hours, before reaching camp on a stunning plateau. we introduce the others in our group to a card name which has a slightly offensive name, and eat dinner inside the tent due to the cold.
it's our first cold, sleepless night, and we awake to ice on the tent. the clouds are clear this morning, and we see the peak for the first time. it looks a really, really long way away...
Tough Factor: 7/10

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