Sunday, 8 March 2009

Kilimanjaro Trip Report: Day 4

day four: first day of pain

bad bad sleep, maybe two hours. our guide wakes us, "as long as you're not sick, it's okay." i try to prepare for the day ahead, as today will be our longest. for the first time i am sore, the sides of my hips are aching - the day before three of us descended really quickly, literally running down the mountain. it was fun, but with consequence.

we set off at 8am, and vertically scrambled up the "breakfast wall" until 1pm - our first hot lunch. omlette and fries!

after lunch i broke off from the group, and walked along, ahead. it was great to clear my mind, and although the walk was tough, mentally I felt revieved.
I reached camp around 4pm and was greeted with horrific winds and snow. tonight, we would summit, and the weather was scary. Lisa and I sat in the tent as it fell down around us (badly put up) and wondered seriously if we should abort, and wait for the weather to calm.
we rested for three hours, and then were woken up (implies we were sleeping, but we weren't).
It was time to ascent to the summit. This was going to hurt. a lot.
Tough Factor: 8/10

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