Tuesday, 5 May 2009

me? obssessed?

so i'm developing a mild obsession, trying to estimate my running time for this weekend. ever the pessimist, i'm not content with the treadmill readings, especially knowing that they are quite kind to the runner. so this morning i hit the streets armed with every time reading device in the house.

looks like mister treadmill was wrong - i'm not going to hit the 13.8 minute mark, but according to http://www.calculator.org/running.aspx - i'm going to be looking at 14.6.

so perspective - that's STILL subbing 15 minutes, which is a *major* milestone for me. but i'm greedy, and when i see a little improvement on the horizon, i want more.

but you know what, it's too late! (probably a good thing at this stage)

The triathlon is this Sunday, only four days away. yesterday i cycled for a couple of hours and it hurt, and it made me realise my cycling has taken a little nose dive over the last couple of weeks as my running obsession took hold, along with a few illness stints.

so nothing left to do now, but rest and stretch, and cross my little fingers that the work pays off. will pre-trip post before the ellusive post race report - coming soon!!


nessyt said...

Good luck!

Lisa said...

Tonnes of luck lady! Wish i could be there. I'll be looking for the post-race report asap. Run like the wind! x

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure- it dont come from your parents. I could not rustle up enough energy to write the words let alone do the run/cycle/swim
The (never energetic) Mum and the Dad