Saturday, 30 May 2009

9 weeks to go!

It's been a busy (sweaty) week. I've been working hard, giving the new training plan a run for its money, and have been feeling great. Here's what I've been up to:

> run speed session (25 minutes, 40 seconds on, 60 seconds recovery. top speed 13.1)

> bike speed session (45 minutes, 1 minute on, 1 minute recovery. top speed 35 kph)

> gym routine (speed run, pushups, pullups, squats)

> gym routine (speed run, pushups, pullups, lower back strength, squats)

> strength run outside (10 minutes, hilly)

> endurance bike (1.5 hours, outside)

so it's been pretty run focused, and also goal orientated. i'm making notes of each session and am trying to improve on some level every time - even if it's just squeezing in an extra push up. can't believe how much more enjoyable this makes training - that book has done wonders!

and on a very massive side note - i can't believe i hit 13.1 on the run machine! i've *never* gone this fast, and never thought i would ever go this fast. i don't think my legs thought it either, and they did feel like they might run off, leaving me a torso mess.

PT has established i need to maintain 11.1 on the run machine to aim for a 54 minute 10k. there's no way i could manage this at the moment, but i think with a good nine weeks of work then there's a chance. i am going to shed a little tear if i can sub 60 mins on that bloody run!

next week i'm going to maintain bike/run focus, working on speed and strength. we've got some lovely weather forecast in london so am really looking forward to getting into the sunshine!


Rob Bane said...

I've started feeling quite guilty about my bike incident/report slowing you down. I've started practicing cornering and going down hills at greater speed. I think I can make up as much time up here is as in the pool and removes the liklihood of crashing out. You should know that when I did fall I was going FAR too fast down a VERY steep hill in the Lakes and then around a very sharp corner, with any practive whatsoever. Fast down hills is the new slow down hills.

Trishie said...

looking good !

al said...

rob i laughed so hard reading this - you're sooo right - i do think of you crashing and it does slow me down! but to be fair, it's also my past experience crashing which makes me hit the brakes, as i can still feel that tar scraping across my face... :( but i'm working on it - because, hell, i'm still alive and it was just a scrap. thanks for the sharp corner clarification - i've now altered the image in my minds eye and you can breathe easy on the guilt front :) now, when's that blog of yours going to be updated?