Friday, 1 May 2009

take a seat; it's hard to believe!

i must apologise. this blog, and readers of this blog, have been subjected to a consistent drone of whinge regarding my inability to run faster than a eighty three year old on valium.

but - take a chair - we have finally, finally seen improvement on the running front! As I raise a proverbial glass, allow me to break down the enormity of this achievement.

2.5km has always taken me around 16 minutes to complete.

Last week, I made it to 15 minutes.

This week, I made it to 14.1 minutes.

Today, I hit 13.8 minutes!!

Really, honestly, not something i thought i would ever see in my lifetime (a little hyperbolic, but hey, when have i cowered from an opportunity to exaggerate?)

SO how have i done it? Well, to be honest, most of lies within the insistence of my PT Paul that i could actually run faster. not something i believed. at all. but he runs 10kms in 38 minutes and is paid to be enthusiastic, so he tapped into my competitive spirit and told me if i wanted to sub 15 minutes, i just had to do it. simple as that. so he watched me meander over to the treadmill and moved away to give me some distance, then came over half way through to check i was running fast enough (like YES), then headed off once again. there was no chance i wasn't going to make it, not with that kind of behavior.

and alas, when he returned 14.1 minutes later, i was so sweaty and red that i looked like i would quite seriously explode in a tomato like fashion, but i had done it. never would have thought!

this morning, i thought, hell with it, and ran a couple of notches faster - and subbed 14 minutes!!!! and was marginally less red/sweaty/tomato like.

so it's incredible, really, but perhaps about friggin' time too. i've been running for far too long at the snail pace - and while my times still aren't nearly competitive with those running types, they're good for my standard. and that, peoples, is good enough for me.


Anonymous said...

You are doing so well. not too ant doing as well?

Rob Bane said...

You're nearly faster than me now! And I think of myself as a runner :-(