Saturday, 20 June 2009

6 weeks to go!

working from home this week has given me the grace of achieving one of last week's major goals; longer training sessions. i've been mixing it up, double dipping, and introduced a 6 day a week running circuit around my house. every week i'm going to increase the mileage until it's tri time. i've really enjoyed getting out onto this circuit everyday, and combined with the added longer sessions - this week has been an absolute pleasure!

so what's been happening this week?

monday > 3km run, 1.2km swim, 45 min spinning class
tuesday > 3km run
wed > 3km run, 1.2km swim, 10 min treadmill run, 1 hr pump class
thurs > 3km run, 45 min cycle
friday > 1.5km swim, 45 min cycle
sat > rest day
sunday > 3km run, 3 hr cycle (that's scheduled for tomorrow!)

i've *still* not gone out for any bike handling time, and my corners still remain a rather slow upright affair... am probably 10% better than last week, but with a long way to go. for my long cycle tomorrow i'm going to head out of london super early, which i'm hoping might give me more confidence with the lack of traffic... but it's all excuses really!!

in other news my swimming has been going brilliantly - loving to clock up the distance at the moment, and timed myself at 30 mins 8 seconds over 1.5kms. wasn't out of breath at the end of this, so much more room for speed!

thanks to the world of twitter, i've learnt about and booked into my first open water session at Hyde Park's Serpentine this coming week. will be the first time i wear my wetsuit in the water, swim in a murky lake, and have to sight! really looking forward to the challenge of all these things at once, will report post session.

so this week has been pretty brilliant all round, hopefully topped off by a successful fitness assessment next week (damn you calipers!) and not drowning in central London's murky waters.


Trishie said...

where is the swim in London? // looks like a great week !

al said...

the swim is in Hyde Park; there's a big lake in there, with a lido on the side (basically just the lake with some bouys around the edge). so i'll be amongst the weeds and ducks!

teacherwoman said...

Looks like a great week of training! Wahoo!

Ironjack said...

Hi from NZ! Good luck with the training this week - I'm particularly intrigued to hear how the swim goes in the murky lake!!! Thanks for touching base on my site - your advice is much appreciated. Damn those calipers!!! Hear from you soon.