Sunday, 14 June 2009

7 weeks to go!

this week in training; what's been going on?

> monday: rest
> tuesday: 25 minute run speed intervals, gym routine
> wednesday: 1km swim
> thursday: rest
> friday: 25 minute hilly fast run outside + 1/2 km swim
> saturday: 30 minute cycle + 35 minute run outside
> sunday: rest

i'm feeling as though my training sessions aren't really long enough, and this is one of my aims to change for next week. the triathlon is going to be 3 hours, so i'm going to have to get used to working hard for a much longer period of time than my current workouts, which average 45 minutes.

i didn't get a chance to work on my cornering skills, but i did make a very lame attempt at changing my rear wheel - it took 45 minutes!! apparently punctures are very common on the london tri route - so this is something i've got to work on. i'd be soooooo disappointed to be out of the race because of a little puncture!

today at the bike shop i made some exciting little purchases; i collected new pedals, toe clips (non-strap types), cycling/running glasses AND a floor pump (to make sure i'm pumping my tyres enough). i'm a sucker for new stuff.

i've also just worked out my estimated bike time for the London Tri's 40km; and it's 1 hr 28 mins. That's using my time from the previous 23 km tri and some dividing and multiplying...

am feeling super flat about this because looking at last years results that time is pretty bad! looks like i need to hit about 1 hr 15 minutes to be competitive... erg.

ok so goals for the next week:

1. longer workouts!!
2. stop making excuses, start cornering!!


teacherwoman said...

Looks like a good week of training! I too need to get in some longer workouts as well!

Trishie said...

are you following a training program?

Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck with the training!! Yeah, rear wheels suck. I spend a little more to get a little more durable tires with the HOPES that I'll never get a flat! Well, about 4000 miles later, all is still well!

Happy training!!

al said...

well i'm sort of following a training program... i've got a program of what to achieve in the week, but that's about it. i really need a proper one i guess, but i've found online resources lacking, and too generic. for example, i need to give more time to my run - but most training programs just blanket the time to each sport...

al said...

thanks steve :) does that mean you don't carry anything in case of a flat during the race?