Sunday, 7 June 2009

London Tri less than eight weeks away!

This week's training was focused on a lovely weekend ride down along the English coast. It was typically raining the first day, which was incredibly hilly with two 12% inclines and one horrendous 14%. The return trip on Sunday (pic above of me about to set off) - was a beautiful sunny day, and this time i was on the right side of the hills! It was lovely being out on the seaside roads, and I managed to clock up 70kms over the two days. Here's what I got up to the rest of the week:

monday: gym routine (including a 20 minute speed run)
tuesday: nothing
wednesday: 1.5 hour cycle outside
thursday: nothing
friday: nothing (hated having a two day break!!)
saturday: 35km cycle (very hilly, took 3 hours!)
sunday: 35km cycle (on the right side of the hills today, took just over 2 hours)

Having spent so much time run + cycle focused recently, I'm going to get into the pool this week and test out my new waterproof ipod gear (can't WAIT!) It's been a couple of years since I swam 1.5 kms in the pool, so will aim to complete the distance rather than look at times (this is what i say, not what i will do).

I've also decided to delve into some extra goals over the coming weeks:

1. Learn how to corner on my bike, without slowing to a near stop (wasting lots of time in the process)

2. Buy toe clips for my bike pedals (i'm not going to buy bike shoes, so this is the best i'll get). Also need to buy some bodyglide for getting out of the wetsuit - tried it on the other day and took me about five minutes of rolling around to get out of the stupid thing!

3. Practise running after having a drink and/or eaten some refueling type stuff. Previous sprint tris have seen me remain liquid free but this Olympic is going to require some hydration/energy. during the half marathon i drank some lucazade and spent the next twenty minutes bringing it back up - so am really worried about taking liquid/food on board during the race - BUT need to get over it. lots of people say lucazade is terrible, so i need to get to the Tri store and have a look around. do feel like a bit of a tri-hard getting those hardcore energy bar/gel things... but hell, if it makes me perform better...

Can't believe it's less than eight weeks away now> brilliant!

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Anonymous said...

cornering its all about flow baby ..... look at where you want to exit, not where you are ... keep loose get in the drops, don't try and weight forward or backward just keep everything level ..... you DO lean and with those super pumped up tyres you'll maintain awesome traction and even though might feel scary, you'll still be relatively upright but boy oh boy you can lean a bike over a long way ..... outside leg at bottom of pedal stroke and you'll find that letting your inside knee kinda flap open a little bit will help you get the lean ..... but get in the drops !!!! nice flat back , weight neutral, shoulders and arms relaxed and get rid of you speed before the corner .... don't you dare touch the brakes in the corner!!! quickest way to come unstuck - literally - traction is like "stickiness" .... let the bike roll through the corner ,,, keep relaxed and if all else fails ... just close your eyes .....