Sunday, 12 July 2009

Bike, Meet Swim

here's my bike saying hello to the Royal Albert Docks (ie. the swim section of the London Tri!) long story, let's get to that, but first:

it's been a bit of a haphazard week. firstly let's recognise there's only THREE weeks to go until my first ever Olympic distance tri. shall we count those weeks again? one, two, three. ie. i may as well be doing it tomorrow it's so bloody soon!

what have i done this week? it's a good question, thankfully, with an answer:

monday: rest day
tuesday: spin class
weds: 50 km cycle (to + from work)
thurs: rest day
friday: 1km swim, spin class, 7km run (back to back!)
sat: short running hill session
sunday: 40 km cycle

there's a few issues with my progress, which i'm noting in point form to save your eyeballs (they need saving, really)

- my cycling training sessions typically aren't at race speed > so when i actually go hard + fast in training i find i can't sustain this for very long. BAD news.

- i'm officially rejecting gels, they suck. i tried them during my friday training sess and when it came to run i was hearing very dodgy things from my tummy and then got a bad stitch. am going to try out the bike shots and/or bar - and failing that will just use nuun in my water.

- my run, despite the stitch, went *really* well and i'm definately running faster! can't wait for the 10k next week to hopefully see the numbers go down. think i'll sub 1 hour now yippeeeeeee!

- went down to the Royal Albert Docks for a look see at the swim route and rode part of the cycle route. swim looks totally do-able, feeling good about that! cycle is much more undulating than i had expected, so harder work (but it's my strength!?) great location tho, can't wait to see it filled with tri folks + their friends/fam.

here is me wearing my ugly cycling sunnies during my rekky (how do you spell that?)

ok onto next week - the 10k run! my plan of attack is to spend the following week run focussed, and then switch to a big cycle focus the week after (which incidentally is my week of holidays, thanks husband for understanding there'll be more lacking morning time with me!) - then the last week will be resting + eating stuff (yes please!)

AND you'll be pleased to know i've worn my helmet on both cycles, although it's hidden from the pic above (i wore it, but lets not be photographed in it peoples)


Anonymous said...

good to hear about helmet. don't worry about the gels, at that distance you really don't have to worry too much about taking in calories. Water and electrolytes (especially if hot day) is all you need.

Ironjack said...

Sounds like your prep is going great! I still can't fathom swimming in the Thames, but I guess that's Australasia for you huh?!

Firstly, recce!

Secondly, what happened to the blond hair????

And finally, am very pleased about the bike helmet, but loved the comment about not being photographed in it!

And then a question, how are you beefing up your run? It sounds like its going great!

Good luck for training week ahead.


Pea-Funk said...

Good to find your blog, I've been doing some catch up on it! I'm doing the London Tri next month, too, also the Olympic Distance. And it's my very first one (yikes!). Good to read some of your tips and adventures. Good luck!