Sunday, 5 July 2009

Confessions of a bad tri-er

these items have become a staple in my life, and it's time peoples, to share.

the lone running sock
*these little beauties cost £8, and despite their brilliance I just can't fathom spending £8 on socks again, so they're the only running socks I have. as a result, they get washed a LOT and have little tuffs all over them. but I love them. a bit too much. three words summarise these socks: not one blister.*

the laces
*these were my first tri-related investment. I love the random hot pink. I love that I haven't ruined the back of my sneakers for the first time in my life. these laces need to infiltrate the real world, they're just too exciting to be constrained to the tri world*

the running/biking shoe
*back during the half mara training days my old sneakers (which were incidentally new) would give me blister after blister, then i went to the running shop and walked out with these. they're like a second skin, i've never had a problem! so now they're sitting high on the window saying hello to my street. hello street.*

the old sunnies
*these are my regular everyday sunnies, and i used to wear them when running and because of their oversized nature; i did look very prattish. so in invested in...*

ugly sport sunnies
*now i'm much more legit in these babies. they're hideous! but do the job*

ok but i'm diverting a little, because the title of this post is 'bad tri-er.' from checking out other blogs, tweets and forums i'm realising i've developed a list of bad habits which i keep to myself. but i'm feeling a little AA this morning so it's time to purge + share. here's how i keep top of the game;

things that make me a bad tri-er

- i don’t wear a helmet (races exempt)
- i wear slightly inappropriate swimwear because the racing swimmers look ugly
- i don’t have clip-ins
- i don’t eat anything extra when training, or eat post workout
- i listen to my ipod when i cycle (and sing)
- i never race myself, and constantly compare myself to others
- i don’t use a heart rate monitor and still use mapmyrun to work out distances
- i get overtaken when i run. a lot. so far the list has included: small children, dogs with stumpy legs, fighting ducks and really unfit people who are clearly going for one of their first ever runs.

before i run off and cower, ready for onslaught, let me share my week's training efforts!

monday> 3.5km run, 30min swim
tuesday> 30min run
wednesday> 20min hilly run drills, 2km swim
thursday> 40min cycle
friday> rest day
saturday> 6.8km run, about 2km swim (coached tri-train swim wetstuit session)
sunday> not sure what i'll do today!

really happy with this weeks running efforts, looking to continue running focus into next week. 10km race is two weeks out, would kill for a PB! well, not really killll, but you know what I mean.


Jeremy Hopwood said...

Here we go..first onslaught;
> Wear a helmet!!! You never know what could cause a fall. Had a couple buddies who have been saved by them this year.
> Clip Ins are will gain speed straight away.
> Choc Milk post workout rocks!!
> Ipod while training is pretty common. A lot of the TDF pros defientely do this when training
> HR monitor - These are cool however its only a tool. In the end you just have to go train :)

Trishie said...

Wear a helmet ! please please please wear one ! I bit it on my bike in a PARKING LOT and went head over handlebars.

I LOVE those laces. I NEED those laces.

how do you not eating while/ after training?!

I think everyone compares themselves to others !

Colleen said...

I'm in desperate need of some new running socks too. It's hard to pay that much isn't it?

I agree with wearing a helmet. I also over going really slow and was really glad I had my helmet on, I hurt my wrist a little though... My husband recently crashed his bike and broke his collar bone, but he could have broken his head too if he didn't have his helmet on so I'm very thankful he did! I know it's hotter and not as cool, but you'll get used to it.

I can totally understand not eating during a workout if you're not going much over an hour. After that, though, I do like my gels.

Also, if you have a good recovery treat (choc milk, eggs, almonds, whatev) after your workout it will help you not be so sore and you'll be more ready for that next workout.

al said...

ok onslaught taken + absorbed. i knew i needed a bit of a kick in the proverbial teeth in regards to the helmet, AND i'm even starting to think about post workout recovery meal stuff. so there's a few things on the list :) surely we all have lists of our own though....?

Rob Bane said...

I only wear a helmet because I found falling off with one less painful than without (I still have a black eye 4 months after my helmetless crash!). Sure you'll love the clip-ins as long as you get some rides in now-ish to ensure you're muscles are ready.

P.S. no blogging or triathloning for me due to fatherhood requirements!

al said...

hey rob; good to hear from you! hope all the fatherly duties are keeping you well :) i can't believe you still have a black eye 4 months later > is it permanent???