Sunday, 26 July 2009

7 days to go!

incredible; only seven days remaining! this demands mutiple rapid fire exclamation marks!!!!!!

so holy moses, one week - what does that even mean?

- 107, 520 blinks until the race starts (it's what they say, who am i to question?)

- 43 times i'll have minor heart palpitations thinking about race related issues, most of which are completely ridiculous (ie. how will i remember how many laps i've done?)

- 168 hours to work out how i'm going to strap my power bar to my bike in bite size pieces without making my bike look like a candy store (previous attempted was laughed at, a lot)

- five times i'll wake up too early, launching out of bed to bike/swim/run and then remembering it's time to rest and wondering if my body will recognise a sneaky session?

- two more times i'll be able to list my week's training activities, oh, and were her ears burning? here she is;

monday > hilly run 40 minutes

tuesday > short wetsuit swim in sea (sight practise)

wednesday > speed cycle 45 minutes (with intervals),
hilly run 40 minutes

thursday > speed cycle 40 minutes (with intervals), short wetsuit swim in sea (sight practise), 45 minute hilly walk (counts?)

friday > rest day

saturday > 40 minute run (undulating), 2.4 km swim training session (wetsuit)

sunday > 50 km cycle

so i've got a few things on my mind, the usual stuff, i'm sure;

- will my goggles fill with water? no previous problems but on saturday they filled up about six times - not feeling confident, might switch back to ye olde crap but more reliable goggles. will test again next swim practise and probably make rash decision on day.

- how will i get my stupid power bar onto my bike without facing public ridicule? see pic below, they have smiles too big for their faces, but no candy store

- need to get spare inner tube + bike checked over. she was clanking loudly on todays long cycle and was a little embarrassing. guess my re-assemble from car travels weren't so kind.

- should i use the Co2 cartridge without practising? i'm scared of them. bike shop man said i'd burn my hand from the cold. lots of warnings of exploding. i'm a big wuss. may not be so much of a wuss when faced with flat during race...?

- worried about right arm during swim. wearing my tri suit under my wetsuit has given me painful dead right arm for first 15 mins of swim - think there's just too much restriction happening. thought about rolling down tri suit + just wearing bikini top, then pulling up later, but this sounds complicated + very big potential for accidentally naked exposure. maybe should just cope with 15 mins of dead arm?

- have not done a full length 40k bike/ 10k run brick in training. this is going to hurt beyond words. i'm aware of my foolishness, but yet announcing it for hope of redemption

so the week ahead! will sneak in two more training sessions early on, then it's rest rest. there's nothing i can do now to be faster and/or better, which is relatively comforting, so guess it's just a matter of enjoying it *gasp*


Trishie said...

You don't need to worry about not doing the full ride + run brick. If you can do all three distances fairly comfortable you'll be fine ! GOOD LUCK !

Anonymous said...

I saw your folks on Saturday night, but Bill, unfortunately, was fully attired..... your mum was talking about getting socks for you, but I think that all the ones I sell will be too thick ..... although I do sell $49.95 socks which mat take your feet to heightened sensory explorations from which you may not return ..... remember - there is only one finish line at the end of the race .....

Jeremy Hopwood said...

Number 1 Race Priority - Rock It and have fun out there!!!

If people are looking at your bike that means that you are overtaking them. So don't sweat the candy store looks

C02 Exploding No Chance - cold - a little. Would recommend a practice go as the chuck sl works great but is a little bit of an art.Could also pick up a mini pump and duck tape it to your bike as a back up.

Dead arm - go for heaps of body glide. Also blowing into the sleeve of the wetsuit will help loosen it up around the shoulder.

Re 40km ride and 10km brick. Why do the race before race day and not get a medal. You will be fine, once you get to 5km to go in the run its all mental.

Lastly - Go Aussie!!! Beat as many of the brits as you can

Andy Walker said...

If it helps, I feel exactly the same!

Having the immense experience of one prior Olympic distance you'll be fine! As for CO2, have a practise as you need to get a feel for it, they won't explode but they do get cold. Some cartridges have a rubber jacket but you could stuff a small cloth into your tool pack to protect your hand. I agree with the back up plan (pump) but CO2 is much quicker and easier to get the tyre up to to pressure. Anyway these are all precautions as you'll probably get through without a hitch.

Have a fantastic race, guess you'll be home done, dusted and reflecting in the glory before I even start. Good Luck!!!!!!!

Trishie said...

this weekend, right? GOOD LUCK!