Tuesday, 12 August 2008

the point of no return

very busy end of last week/weekend - four whole days passed with not a gear, goggle or gallop in place

am making up for it now, swimming on monday (8.30 mins - slow slow slow) and tuesday was a 20 min high gear cycle (ouch) followed by a five minute run (so pathetic not worth mentioning, right?)

tomorrow am heading in for another cycle and run combo- this time will chain myself to the treadmill so i don't get off early. might try running first, then cycling, in an attempt to minimise the 10.3 million excuses i seem to invent with every stride

in positive news - have just registered online for the triathlon. no turning back now - especially not for £39

here's the link to the event, ironically titled 'fun2tri' -- the fun element has yet to be determined...


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