Tuesday, 5 August 2008

question: why is every run a bad run?

Okay, so here’s the process of the Bad Run:

1. decide to run, feel positive, get my little outfit on, stretch this way, stretch that way, hit the road

2. feel good for about 200 metres, then my breath catches up and I feel lethargic, enter first thoughts of Hopelessness (this will be a reoccurring theme during the run)

3. try to find my pace, which is inevitably slow, in a bid to control breathing. Settle into pace – usually start feeling comfortable after about 10 mins

4. feel like I should be going faster, otherwise what’s the point? Might try a couple of speed bursts or try to quicken my pace. Again, can not breath, feel sluggish and this is when the Why Are You Doing This flashes in neon overhead and I think I may as well start walking to catch my breath, then feel like crap for having walked, and back to square one

So, possible theories as to cause of the Bad Run:

1. I’m running because I know I have to, rather than from actually wanting to do it
2. I like the idea of running more than the process itself
3. I’m comparing myself to too many other people, rather than trying to progress at my own pace
4. I just don’t enjoy running

The interesting thing was, the only time I’ve actually enjoyed running was when I was training for the half mara earlier this year, and I was so proud of myself every time I hit major mile markers – the impossible was becoming possible!

Now, however, it’s shorter distances, so it’s all about speed speed speed. I’d much rather run for 10 miles at my Plodding Pace, than do 3 miles flat out.

But I’ve signed up for this, so I need to change something; but what? way of training? way of thinking?

Bad Runs need to become Better Runs


Andrew is getting fit said...

It sounds to me like you are trying to go too fast.

Trust me running slower makes you faster than running faster.

It sounds counterintuitive but it works.

Anonymous said...

Hey! That sounds the same as me swimming! Try and swim fast - and I just die. I end up swimiing as slowly as I possibly can - its the fastest way!!