Thursday, 7 August 2008

swim: timing with quasi precision

yesterday morning i headed to the pool armed with my old mobile phone, tucked into a black sock, stuffed into a little plastic bag. this was not an attempt to make an underwater phone call, but rather an effort to time myself with a little more precision than the clocks at the pool.

so after a two hundred metre warm up, i waited for the minute to tick over, and swam 400 metres as fast as i could. which, to my grave disappointment, didn't feel terribly fast. exercising 5 days a week is starting to catch up on me.

however, upon reaching the final lap, pulling my little phone out of the sock, trying to hide what i was doing from the other swimmers, the quasi accurate results were in.

and they were in the 7 minute range! how many seconds, i can't be sure (as the phone didn't show seconds) - but my guess would be 7 minutes 30 seconds.

must admit, feeling a bit pleasantly surprised, so yesterday purchased a proper water resistant stopwatch to confirm said time.

ever the pessimist.

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