Wednesday, 22 April 2009

2.5 weeks until triathlon

the personal trainer dude (paul) has done the maths. something i couldn't ever be bothered to do. but he's done it.

for me to run quicker (than a grannie) - i need to have the treadmill set to 10. minimum.

now i know this doesn't mean a lot to anyone but me and the treadmill, but let's put it like this;

at the moment i'm running 2.5 kms in 15 minutes. this is sloooooow, and not helpful in my attempt to compete in the upcoming tri with any level of competitiveness. as such, i'm running on the treadmill at about 8.5, maybe 9.5 on a good day.

i now need to step this right up to at least 10 - which will see my time being reduced to 14 minutes. still not amazing, but a start!! i kind of wish i didn't know this. ignorance is comforting. and less sweaty.

so, what have i done this week?

> 30 minute cycle
> 30 minute gym routine (included 10 min treadmill run)
> 10 minute run outside
> 20 minute run outside
> 30 minute gym routine (included 10 min treadmill run)
> 1.5 hour cycle

i'm keeping the focus on running, and making my runs shorter, but harder. also concentrating on breathing as after each run my breathing would be very shallow - so am trying to breathe a lot deeper in the hope of better results. it's worked for the last two runs, so fingers crossed.

and in other news - i can now do 8 man pushups! sooooooo excited (too excited, really)


nessyt said...
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nessyt said...

Wow looking at your training makes me feel i havent done enough training for Stratford, getting really nervous now!!!!!
My run pace is slighty better than last year now but i just cant seen to get faster, my 5km time is about 30 mins & I cant seem to get faster!!
Any chance you can tell me what the cycle route is like! Having a nightmare with steeps hills at the mo!!

al said...

you'll be fine!! my training is really way too overdone for a super sprint, i just like pretending like i'm aiming for an ironman ;)

the bike is great - have you read the race reports? there's only one or two 'hills' which are really just gradual inclines. i didn't even need to change gears or get out of my saddle - so no problems there. the only bad parts of the bike leg are; you spent some of the stretch on a dual carriageway, which is a bit scary.... also when first heading out there are traffic lights which you have to stop at if they're red!!! and when coming back into Stratford town you can get caught in a traffic jam - but i didn't have either of these two problems, so guess it's a little bit of fate.

no more nightmares!!!!!

nessyt said...

Thanks for that! I havent done any training this weekend as i was away, i tend to punish myself mentally when i havent put the training in!!!!!