Friday, 24 April 2009

goal for triathlon number two!

seeing as i'll be doing the same course as last time, i've got a good chance of guessing my times - and even better, can set some (hopefully) realistic goals!

so here's the results again from last effort:

(400 m swim) 00:07:54
(23 km cycle) 00:54:16
(5 km run) 00:31:14
(total) 01:33:24

this time around i'd like to get into the top 20. to do this, i need to be faster than 01:17:24 total (based on last year's results.) SO - I'm going to aim for the following times:

(200m swim) 00:04:00
(23 km cycle) 00:52:00
(2.5 km run) 00:14:30
(total) 01:10:30

if i do manage to get these times, I'll actually be placed in the top 10. but that sounds a little bit too hardcore, even in the 'novice' category. So top 20 will be fine with me.


Rob Bane said...

Wow, you've really achieved a lot in the off-season. African challenge and all. Really impressed here (I've gone backwards). Anyway good luck with the 2nd race, I'm sure you'll do great (your run time looks a bit ambitious though...)

Keep tri-ing!

al said...

ahaha i just realised i've written my running goal as 14 mins for 5km! the distance is actually 2.5km!!! thanks, rob, thought i was being ambitious but not THAT ambitious :)