Tuesday, 14 April 2009

training steps up

i've decided to return to my ye olde blogging post system of shortlisting the week's workout. i think a few people assume that to participate in triathlons you need to dedicate a *whole* lot of time, but i don't believe that's necessarily true. like anything, what you put in, you get out.

so, over the last week, i've done;

> 15 min hilly run outside
> 20 min drill run outside
> 2 hour gym session (incl. 15 min run)
> 3.5 hour cycle
> 1.5 hour gym session (incl. 15 min run)
> 10 min drill swim session
> 2.5 hour cycle

i'm stepping up the training in light of next month's tri; and will do something 5 days a week (that's about as specific as my training plan gets!!)

the biggest change to the routine over the last week has been the results of my personal training session on the weekend. Paul, the PT man, was really fantastic, and has turned around my lacking enthusiasm for the gym with a killer routine filled with stuff i really can't do. love it. so the top aims are:

> man push ups (can currently do five, barely)
> unassisted pull ups (hot)
> improve core (hopefully will help with running)
> run faster (his new speed treadmill session is currently uncomplete-able. another thing to aim for)

i jumped in the pool with the stopwatch the other day, and did 100 metres in 1 min 53 secs. that's the first swim in a couple of months, so am thankful the super sprint is only 200 metres!! hopefully can get away with not too much swim practise, as i'd really like to focus on getting my running and cycle time down.

PT man was trying to convince me to buy a heartrate monitor, but this seems a bit hardcore for me. does anyone use these?? i'm not sure how useful it would be, other than being a new gadet to distract me from the usual pain...


Anonymous said...

my god! I even get tired reading all that let alone doing. Well done.

nessyt said...

Hi again, glad to hear the training is going well.
What super sprint are you doing?
Only 3 weeks till my first tri at stratford! Getting nervous now!
My training is going ok i think, always wondering if im doing enough!!!
I have a heart rate monitor but i dont use it to its full potential, all those different training zones are too much for me, i just look at it & think, wow im going to pass out if it gets any higher!!!!
Took part in a sprint duathlon a couple of weeks ago, learnt loads from that, mainly my cycling is poor!!!! so have increased training on that. Taking part in a swimathon tomorrow, 5k which is 200 lengths of a 25 m pool, very boring but i spose it all helps!!!

al said...

heya! yes it was quite funny as i started writing that post thinking "i'm not doing that much training" and then completed the list and went woaha, actually, that's enough for a week!! nessyt i'm doing the stratford tri also!! will only be doing the super sprint (i think they call it a 'fun' something). figure it's just enough to wet my feet, and it's all experience :) are you registered for the sprint? what bike were you using for the duathlon; i'm finding the type of bike you've got really does come into play when you're competing. having said that, there are a lot of mountain bikes at the stratford tri by memory! hope the swimathon went well - this is a busy month for you - ouch

nessyt said...

Im registerd to do the "sprint"! I have a Trek road bike which i really like, at the duathlon there were people with proper tri bikes that were worth thousands but there was also someone on a mtb!!! Swimathon was ok! I stupidly didnt stop for the 1st 100 laps (everyobe else was) then paid the price as i got dehydrated but i completed the 5k!!!!
Good luck with the training & maybe bump into you at Stratford!!!

Brent Buckner said...

Just dropping by after seeing your comment at Tri-Daddy's.

I'm a big fan of HR monitors for pursuing time goals. If you're trying to bring down your time then every workout has a purpose. Being in an appropriate HR range is important in achieving that purpose.