Thursday, 9 April 2009

first tri of 2009 here we come!

thanks partially to some encouraging words, and partially due to inherent insanity, i've now registered for the first triathlon of the season! hello 2009!

i've now got four weeks to shape up, but have opted for the super sprint to keep things marginally easier. that'll be a speedy 200m swim, 23 km cycle, 2.5 km run.

my biking has been feeling really strong lately, so no worries there. swimming isn't going to take long to get back into the swing of things, but... and there's always a but... my running is still hideously lacking resembling anything running (think more very slow jog, granny shuffle, small child with bad leg...)

i went out this morning. felt great on the down hill (ran fast past super fit woman in matchy matchy workout clothes). ten minutes later i'm going uphill and stop for a little breather (i know, shouldn't admit that) and who should fly past but the matchy matchy woman. my eyeballs were narrow, even without oxygen.

anyway, slight diversion, back to task at hand! running!

tri-experienced richard has given me some top tips (which worked for the first run, but struggling to maintain efficiency as always). he's also lent me a fabulous tri book which is top of the easter long weekend reading list. saturday is a session with the personal trainer, and a looong bike ride in the afternoon. really looking forward to that.

in other news, i'm twittering. am new to the game, but follow me if 'tweets' means anything to you:

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