Saturday, 12 December 2009

how tri specific is santa?

this year i'm putting the pressure on santa.

my christmas list is overwhelmingly triathlon related and i don't know how much santa knows about garmin. does he have extensive knowledge on compression gear? will he be able to spot the difference between recovery power bars and energy power bars?!

santa had better start reading triathlon magazines, and FAST (they're on my list too, so you can hand them over after you're done santa)

this week i didn't get as much running done as i would have liked, but did sneak another long run in. am feeling better about getting these base runs in, and this one was marginally easier on my body than the last.

weekly totals:

monday: 19km cycle
tuesday: rest
wednesday: rest
thursday: 16km run
friday: 1 hour swim weights, stretch and .5km swim
saturday: rest
sunday: 90km cycle

so this week i've run 16kms, cycled 114kms, swam .5km

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Big Daddy Diesel said...

What I learned, that Santa wants a picture to go along with the list, so Santa and just hand the name and picture to the..ummm... tri-elf to pick it out.