Sunday, 6 December 2009

Stinky Man and Herpes

entries remaining; 1233

i'm stalking the IM France website, keeping an eye on how many brave souls are hitting the register button before me. i'm secretly hoping HIM Monaco will open their entries before that number gets too low, but who knows if it's even running next year? fate is going to be determining a lot here.

anyway i apologise for the sounding board nature of these recent posts. let me offset it by a couple of semi-interesting observations;

1. stupid me. i forgot to take my water bottle into my spinning class and as a result was dying of thirst; obviously quite visibily as another spinner offered me his water bottle. now i do know this guy, sort of, we've spoken in the sauna, been at the same triathlon, but now he is extending a VERY sweaty arm infront of the WHOLE spin class and i CLEARLY need water... damnit!

all my inner germ phobic tendancies start firing madly, and i want to say "no thanks" - i really do, but i'm totally aware of everyone watching and the reality of me actually needing the damn drink, so i TAKE THE BOTTLE. and suddenly i'm drinking, thinking of herpes, thinking of my husband shaking his head, thinking i wish i'd at least wiped the mouth piece but that would have looked uber germ freak phobic. i hand it back and say "thanks" but really i want to say "do you have herpes?"

2. whenever a hot girl enters the gym space, everyone tries not to be caught looking at her. what then takes place is a dancing eyeball mexican wave type thing whenever the hot girl moves from one piece of equipment to the next. she is, of course, completely aware everyone is mexican waving her with their eyeballs, and is glad she's straightened her hair for the occassion.

3. the dude with the big muscles does NOT need to cross the gym floor that many times. we see your muscles, everyone sees your muscles, and we don't really care because even though hot girl has NO muscles, she's still better eye candy.

4. i'm all for a bit of sweat, when working hard, it's inevitable. but when you are so stinky your smell permeates into the space of the next piece of gym equipment - it's time to hit the showers. if you see my cycling next to you with my head turned the other way - it's because of YOU stinky man. and it's not even good sweat smell, like that little bit hot smell, it's overweight older man in business suit on the tube at the end of the night smell. SHOWER NOW.

5. why do i feel a little bit naughty watching people shower before they get into the pool? it's one of those 'shower beside the pool' things to make sure everyone uses it, and as such, everyone is dressed in bathing attire. but watching them makes me feel like i'm getting insight into their shower routine, and that feels like i shouldn't be watching. but everyone watches, like the hot girl, with mexican wave eyeballs.

totals. as this week was super busy, i squeezed as much training in as possible but failed on three occassions;

sunday > rest
monday > 5.5km run, 8km cycle
tuesday > 19 km run
wednesday > rest
thursday > 1 hr swim + bike specific weights
friday > rest
saturday > 20km cycle
sunday > 5.5km run, 5km cycle, 1km swim

totals: this week i ran 30kms, cycled 32kms, swam 1km

entries remaining; 1232 (one less than start of post. could have been me)


Jenna said...

I am with you on the germaphobe thing - I can hear me thinking the same thing... Do you have herpes? what was the last thing that was in your mouth? Did you brush and floss today? Ha ha ha. I see you follow my blog, glad I have found yours :) Funny entry!!

teacherwoman said...

Oh boy, you crack me up! I would have had a hard time taking his water bottle as well!

Paul said...

Haha funny post, you do know I now know you're a bit of a perv though! You watch people showering? Lol I hope you don't watch me, I use that shower before every swim!

Anonymous said...

LMBAO @ mexican wave. I must admit...I've been a part of many a mexican wave when a hot lass walks into the gym.

And i DEF feel you on hygeine at teh gym...I shower before I go...always. Cuz I don't wanna be THAT stinky man...

happy monday

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Im guilty of #5

Sharon said...


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