Tuesday, 1 December 2009

deciding; with help

thanks everyone for your thoughts on the IM vs. HIM situation. it's so incredibly helpful hearing advice, stories, personal accounts and so forth --> it does seem like an incredibly difficult decision to make and i'm slowly inching even closer...

one of my priorities now is getting my mileage up, and essentially getting a taste of whats to come. this morning, i wanted to run for a long time. this is my biggest weakness, the red devil on my shoulder, so i wanted to remember how it felt running past the hour mark. speed was irrelevant. i wanted mileage.

i ran for 19kms.

yipppeeeee!! longest run for like EVER. actually, since i was half mara training a couple of years ago. inspired by fellow bloggers of late, i decided to take a few snaps of the occassion. here are the best and worst visual delights of the morning. the first is a rather entertainly dodgy affair selling Pie + Mash Liquor (?);

then, as i ran further away from london and closer to the countryside, i was treated with some lovely views over (the frost of winter) morning. click to enlarge pics.

i've just settled home, and discovered the Largest Blister in the World currently enveloping my entire toe; but i feel good. i ran 19km, and sure it was slow, but it was 19km. almost a half mara.

suddenly it's all looking a little more achievable.

(p.s. ok i've been sucked into tweetclouds. here's how my online thoughts look in a cloud:)


teacherwoman said...

Great post! I hear that IM and HIM training is a huge mental game and you have a good head on your shoulders!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I agree with ^^^^^, the mental aspect is tougher then the physical from what I heard.

Beth said...

Great job on your run and I love the tweet cloud. It turned out so cute!