Wednesday, 23 December 2009

ho ho ho

not that kind of ho, you crazy kids. and no that will not be followed by a tiger woods joke.

it's a few days until christmas, there's no cervelo shape under the xmas tree, but there is a garmin shape and i'm VERY excited. i'm fully anticipating an xmas day afternoon jog to test her out.

husband made the fatal error of saying, "well i may not have got the *exact* one you were looking for" which then lead me into a tirade of features listing. he had a sparkle in his little eye, though. phew.

last week's totals were rubbish, to the point i'm not even going to list them. c'est la vie.

and with that, happy xmas kids. see you on the other side.


Anonymous said...

enjoy the holiday...and your luvly gifts...

Beth said...

Oh, gotta love the sparkle in the eye! I'm very excited for you and your new running partner. I know you will love each other. Merry Christmas!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

LOL, us boys are too easy and suckers and cant keep gift secrets