Tuesday, 12 January 2010

5 Top Reasons to Detect you're a Tri-Hard Triathlete

in the spirit of "50 Ways to Identify Triathlon Obsession" - here is a list based on being a "tri-hard triathlete." me and training peeps coined this term, and indeed it's the name we now race under. here's our rough and ready definition:

"Tri-Hard Triathlete: a person whose life is triathlon obsessed despite only having participated in a very small number of triathlons, possibly one or two."

it's an easy sport to get sucked into, we've all been there. hell, some of us are still here :)

5 Top Reasons to Detect you're a Tri-Hard Triathlete

5. You've bought triathlon shoe laces before you've registered for your first race.

4. After reading too many tri magazines, you've realised your bike isn't up to scratch. You're thinking about dropping a few thousand £ even though you've only ever raced a super sprint. once.

3. You dream about Kona. Even though you rank in the bottom half of your AG.

2. You've shaved your legs even though you didn't really need to, because it made you feel more like a triathlete.

1. You're completely kitted out in all the latest gear, all technologically enhanced, crazy expensive stuff you know you really need, and then you come across a guy who has done 6 ironmans and he's wearing shorts and a t-shirt and that's it.

and he's faster than you.


Matt said...

Guilty on 5, 4 and 1! ;-)

teacherwoman said...

great list!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

CRAP I dont have any that i can say thats not me.

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Beth said...

That's a great list! For sure saw myself in it and it made me laugh.:)