Friday, 29 January 2010

super exciting gear update

two posts in one week! woaha! and you thought your day couldn't get any better!

i've noticed a few people (myself included) tend to give gear reviews when they first buy gear. but what happens a few months down the track, when the novelty has worn off and the cracks are beginning to show? here's the g-o

1. cateye strada wireless cycle computer
pros: i have only good things to say about this cycle computer. it does everything you want (average speed, are you now cycling faster or slower than your average, distance, max speed, overall distance). it's borderline hard to pop out so no accidents on the road, and would be challenging to steal quickly (you need to know the trick)

cons: BUT now that i have my sweet little Garmin, did i really need the cycle computer? No. now my cycle computer is a bit redundant. so something to keep in mind if you're thinking of Garmin investing down the track.

conclusion: don't buy a cycle computer if you're thinking of getting a Garmin.

2. H20 waterproof ipod and headphones

pros: swimming for ages without noticing the time?! bliss! i'm not sure why these aren't more popular, because they really are brilliant. hands up if you get a bit bored swimming... well no longer! i looove listening to podcasts. super.

cons: the headphones are *rubbish.* one doesn't work at all and the other is so soft i have to wear a swimming cap to hold into my ear to be able to hear. and even then it works itself loose every 10 laps or so. they are also pretty expensive, so i need to get these back to the guys to see about a replacement. and, another con, you look like a total idiot.

conclusion: if you've got cash, i'd drop it on these babies. but keep the warranty close by.

3. knee length compression socks
pros: they keep you warm. they compress (duh). they turn your summer running/cycling gear into winter gear - big bonus. did i notice better recovery time? slightly, but perhaps that was mental.

cons: i bought my pair from the London Marathon Store and the dude who sold them to me said he doesn't use the ones with toes, his cut off at the ankle. i couldn't understand why you'd get those ones, so i got the ones like above, a full sock. BUT now i get it. the sock has a tight compressiony band across the middle of the foot and on long runs this was *really* uncomfortable. it felt like my foot was choking. the next day i could barely walk from the pain/tightness on the top of my foot where the band was.

conclusion: if i was going to invest in compression, i'd get the leg/calf only ones. you don't want to screw around with your feet. they're just too important.

4. Garmin 310 XT

it's been a month since my affair with the Garmin. so where are we at?

pros: the heart rate strap is uber comfy. soft fabric, lovely. i have mine on almost the tightest possible setting and there's ladies smaller than me out there - so something to check if you're little.

the ease of uploading my data. seriously easy. and love my maps at the end. here's this mornings run around the running track:

seriously; how great is that? (even if it does make me look like a rat in a cage)

and i love the calender function on the garmin connect website (which holds all your data). it has colours and everything. yeaha! does weekly totals and everything. love you calender.

cons: the watch hurts my wrist. it's a bit boney, and there's no cushioning on the *HUGE* watch face, so at the end of long stints i actually get little sore patches from all the rubbing. okay so it's not bringing tears to my eyes, but it does suck.

the satellite reception has been a little dodgy. on two runs it *never* got reception, but has picked up its game since then.

conclusion: it rocks my world. haven't looked back.


TRI-james said...

Thanks - I am a gear junkie also!

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Thanks for the honest gear reviews!

Although I don't have the 310XT I have the Garmin 305 Forerunner and absolutely love it! Like you said, the heart rate strap is comfy, but I actually had to cut the fabric and resew it so it would be small enough to go around my body. I wish they made them a little smaller.

I have to agree with you on the compression socks. You might want to look into the tights. I bought a pair of compression tights that don't have feet and they are awesome! I used them all last season when I trained for my HIM and they worked great (although I agree there may be some mental aspect to it)!

Dana said...

Hey There!
A couple comments on the headphone issues...make sure that the connection between your ipod and the headphone wire inside the case is good, sometimes people don't get serious enough about making sure that headphone jack is in allll the way. If you still have issues after that please make sure to get in touch with our customer service department ( as all our products have a one year warranty.

But overall glad you're enjoying your gear!!

H2O Audio

Beth said...

With my Garmin 305, I was able to switch the band to a velcro one that elimnated the rubbing. Before I got that, I wore a small watch up above the garmin, closer to my hand, which kept the garmin down off the boney part of my wrist. I know it's dumb wearing 2 watches, but I was getting really banged up and this solved the problem. Maybe a livestrong type band would be enough to do the trick if it was tight enough. Thanks for the reviews!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the review. I have two pairs of compression sox and some compression calve guards. I actually like teh sox, as my feet need the recovery too after long mileage in my newtons. My calf guards, seemingly, dont work as well. I know I've "shrunk" some too. So, maybe thats it.

Anyhow...awesome review..