Friday, 8 January 2010

weekly totals

this week was tainted by new years celebrations; so i'm surprised i managed to do much at all. the fact i'm actually clocking a 1km run says everything. that was the new years day and was a hefty achievement (as was getting out of bed).

training totals for the week;

thurs; 40 mins weights, 15 minute swim
friday; 1km run
sat; 2km run
sun; 2.5km run, 1.5hours yoga
mon; 20 min swim (assessment)
tues; rest
weds; rest
thurs; bike-run-bike-weights (1 hour)

this week i timed my 100metre swim. i wanted to do this prior to the swim assessment, so i had a benchmark to compare. i did this at a 1.5km pace; and it came in at 1 min 58 secs.

So the london snow hasn't yet melted, which is going to play havoc with getting my long runs in next week. the half marathon is 44 days away and i still haven't managed to continuously run the distance; so there's work to be done.

p.s. i will NOT complain about snow/weather conditions in london while i note that north america has it far worse at the moment. check out steve's answer to snow running:

happy training!


Missy said...

Understandable, my neighborhood is a sheet of ice right now. Not sure how I can get to work and I'm certainly not going to run on it!

teacherwoman said...

Yes, it's nasty here... -30 windchill here. yuck.

Anonymous said...

Great job in the pool and getting out and working out this past week.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I hate the snow, it has snowed 7 days straight here, including 5 inches last night, and it is suppose to keep on snowing.

Trishie said...

I feel like it's freezing everywhere in the world right now !